Gîte la maison du lac

This holiday rental near Bordeaux is a very good option to visit Bordeaux and its surroundings, and promises you peace and quiet offering the possibility to go biking, fishing in a private lake, or hiking in the vineyards.
The Maison du Lac is located in Lignan de Bordeaux, close to the Chateau de Seguin, one of the most important wine property of the appellation “Bordeaux Supérieur”. Well located in a calm place and close to a famous bicycle path named “Roger Lapébie”, it can be a perfect starting point for people who love nature and biking.

Amenities :

  • Area: 74 sqm
  • 2 rooms (double room and twin room)Living-room with sofa bed
  • Dining room, bathroom
  • Terrace with garden furnitures
  • Big gard